Anne Kniggendorf

Anne Kniggendorf has lived in Kansas City most of her life, and nearly all these fun facts came as a surprise to her. Searching for stories has become a serious preoccupation for this freelance journalist who has local bylines in the Kansas City Star, KCUR 89.3, and Flatland magazine. Nationally, she has written for Smithsonian magazine, National Public Radio, the Saturday Evening Post, and Publishers Weekly. Visit her at or on any of her eponymous social media pages.

Missouri's bicentennial is two months away, so The Examiner sat down with Audrey Elder, who runs an Independence business focused on preservation. Our conversation was about some of the better books on Missouri history and touched on Truman, Twain, baseball, the

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—An obelisk of incredible historic significance stands unceremoniously under a tree outside an abandoned high school in the Brookside neighborhood.


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