Joshua Ginsberg

Joshua Ginsberg

Joshua Ginsberg is a writer, entrepreneur, and curiosity seeker who, in 2016, decided with his wife to trade in the frigid winters of the Midwest for the year-round sunshine of Tampa Bay. He has had numerous published works of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, and has been a business proposal writer and professional resume writer for over 10 years. He has also had a hand in launching multiple startups including the web-based art leasing business which he owned and operated in Chicago. He currently lives in Tampa’s Town and Country neighborhood with his wife, Jen, and their Shih Tzu, Tinker Bell.

Tampa Bay Scavenger is 192 pages, out now via St, Louis, Missouri’s Reedy Press, and it’s not exactly casual weekend walking tour material. Using more than 350 rhyming riddles, Ginsberg—who was inspired by author Misha Collins’ “Greatest International Scavenger Hunt”

You might think you know Tampa Bay, maybe even the weird, wonderful, and obscure parts of it, but get ready to take your exploring in an innovative and interactive new direction. With Tampa Bay Scavenger, you’ll embark on a gamified

Goodness knows there are plenty of “weird’ Florida stories out there, the sort with headlines like “Man bludgeoned with plastic flamingo.” The state is famous for such things. Those aren’t the stories Joshua Ginsberg collected for his book Secret Tampa


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