Kevin Gibson


Kevin Gibson has been a professional writer for more three and a half decades, having written about restaurants, beer, bourbon, sports, night life, music, history and more, winning numerous awards and publishing multiple books along the way. Growing up in the Louisville area, he became fascinated with local history and culture, so he decided to incorporate it into his ongoing work. When he’s not busy writing stories and books about Louisville, he’s likely hanging out with his hound dog, Atticus, at the park, at one of the local (dog-friendly) watering holes or walking around the Clifton neighborhood.


This week we chat with our favorite bookseller, Sam Miller, from Carmichael’s Bookstore. Each November we let her do the heavy lifting and share books that have come out and might be good choices for your holiday shopping.

Author Kevin Gibson talks about his new book, Oldest Louisville, what some notable landmarks used to be, and how the book came together.

Author Kevin Gibson's Oldest Louisville features histories of the city's oldest institutions and the people behind them.


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