Kevin Gibson


Kevin Gibson is a Louisville, Kentucky based author who writes about everything from food to beer to the great city he calls home. In his nearly three decades as a writer, he has won numerous awards for his work, but he doesn’t know where most of them are now. He is the author of Secret Louisville, 100 Things to Do in Louisville Before You Die, and other books. He currently lives in the Clifton neighborhood with his dog, Atticus.


In this episode of Kentucky Commons Radio Hour, we're joined by Louisville author and hot sauce connoisseur Kevin Gibson for a Hot Ones-inspired challenge. We dive into his experiences in beverage journalism, uncover intriguing Louisville history, and taste-test Kevin's homemade

All of us have been in or driven by renovated old buildings or other structures that cause us to think: When was it built or what was its original purpose? And there MUST be some fascinating stories along the way…

Louisville is a great city, but did you know it's also full of lots of secrets? These secrets are uncovered in author Kevin Gibson's latest book Secret Louisville: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure.


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