Sandra Foyt


Sandra Foyt is an award-winning travel photographer, freelancer, and content media producer. From the Caribbean and based in Albany for over 25 years, her work reflects a love of vivid color, sweet treats, and the Great Outdoors. She runs, a local travel blog that originated as a family travel site in 2010, and co-publishes, the romantic getaways guide. Sandra’s photography appears in Newsday, Reader’s Digest, and National Geographic, among other publications. Find Sandra on Instagram @SandraFoyt and Facebook @AlbanyTraveler.


NEWS10’s Cassie Hudson sits down with Sandra Foyt, the author of 100 Things to Do in Albany Before You Die. The new book documents different ways to explore Albany during each season, while also highlighting hidden facts about the city.

Sandra Foyt's 100 Things to Do in Albany Before You Die invites tourists and locals to explore the rich tapestry of Albany, NY. Discover live music venues, local festivals, theater, nightlife, and free events in this historic city.

Sandra Foyt talks with Doug Goudie about her new book, 100 Things to Do in Albany Before You Die.


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