Lisa Evans


Lisa Evans is an author, travel journalist and photographer living in Gulfport, MS. As a transplanted Yankee, she visited Coastal Mississippi many years ago, fell in love with the area, and eventually relocated to begin the next phase of her life. The area greatly serves her love of nature and the outdoors as well as history. There is always an adventure to be found. Lisa is a member of the IFWTWA, Trav Media and Travel Writer’s University.


Welcome to Part Four of our 4-Part Big Blend Radio NATURE CONNECTION Podcast series focusing on Nature Destinations Around the World and Across America.

100 Things to Do in Mississippi Before You Die has become a popular travel book for those around Mississippi, and now Marion County residents can get their own copy. Authors Brandi Perry and Dori Lowe will be at the Columbia-Marion

Brandi Perry & Dori Lowe(Travel Writers and Authors of 100 Things to Do in Mississippi Before You Die) stop by the SuperTalk Studio to sit down with Rebecca and discuss what went into writing their newest travel book.