Maddie Earnest and Liz Fathman

Maddie Earnest is the co-founder and co-owner of Local Harvest Grocery and Café whose interest in local foods stems back to the family garden of her youth and environmental courses in college. The store and the café sell and use as much locally grown and produced food as possible, striving for at least 50% to be locally sourced, and the businesses buy from farmers who use sustainable growing methods.
Liz Fathman is a food enthusiast with an interest in local food systems and all they imply. From the sustain-ability of growing and buying locally raised food, to the difference in the flavor and quality, to the act of sup-porting the local economy, Liz’s interest in the Farm to Table movement has, like that of many others, developed along the way. When she’s not cooking and eating locally raised food, Liz is the Publications Manager at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
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