Tom Weber


Tom Weber is a host for Minnesota Public Radio News. Originally from the Chicago area, he was familiar with cold and winter. But upon moving here at the start of a two-week, below-zero cold snap, Tom quickly embraced all things Minnesota. He lives in St. Paul and generally likes to spend his free time outside (even in the winter) and enjoys biking, hiking, running and cross-country skiing. He was also happy to learn, during his research for this book, that there are still plenty of places in the Twin Cities still to discover.


Former MPR News radio host Tom Weber had always wanted to write a book. He yearned to know what that process was like, so he would have more insight into authors he interviewed. He got the chance when a friend

Tom Weber hadn’t necessarily planned on writing a second edition of his book 100 Things to Do in the Twin Cities Before You Die.

It’s no secret we love to read and we also love to explore, so we are super excited about a new book and two book signing events.


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