Amanda E. Doyle

Amanda E. Doyle is a writer and zealous St. Louis transplant. She’s the author of several other books, including Finally! A Locally Produced Guidebook to St. Louis, By and For St. Louisans, Neighborhood by Neighborhood and To the Top! A Gateway Arch Story. She seeks out the city’s singular charms with her husband and two children.

A St. Louis TV news anchor who can be frequently found in Farmington visiting his wife's family, has written a new book titled 100 Things to Do in Missouri Before You Die.

FOX 2 anchor John Brown has a new book out that showcases some of the best places and events in Missouri that need to be on your “bucket list.”

A visit to St. Louis’ National Blues Museum, which is featured in the new book 100 Things to Do in Missouri Before You Die, released in connection with Missouri’s Bicentennial.


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April 2021
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