Marilynne Bradley

Marilynne Bradley is an internationally known watercolorist who, for over 50 years, has created paintings of most of the St. Louis Landmarks. This visual list provides a local history of architecture, entertainment, sports, and restaurants. She is the writer-illustrator of St. Louis in Watercolor, Packets on Parade, City of Century Houses, and Once Upon a Time in St. Louis.

Artist Marilynne Bradley has been making art and teaching art in St. Louis for the past six decades. Her watercolors of St. Louis landmarks highbrow as the Arch and lowbrow as diners, dive bars and one famous no-tell motel have

St. Louis in Watercolor is a look at St. Louis’s past through the prism of water color paintings by acclaimed artist Marilynne Bradley. It takes you between the pages in her latest book to the stories behind the stories in

Watercolorist Marilynne Bradley has spent a half-century immortalizing St. Louis gems, from the Jewel Box to our three distinctive water towers in the city, from county landmarks such as the Kirkwood train station to quaint perspectives of her own stomping