Title: The Eckert Family Fall Cookbook: Apple, Pumpkin, Squash Recipes, and More

Author: Jill Eckert-Tantillo and Angie Eckert

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Bindings: softcover

Pages: 104

ISBN: 9781935806363

Cost: $12.00

For decades, the St. Louis region's most popular destination for pick-your-own produce has been Eckert's Orchards. The Eckert family has been preparing delicious meals from foods grown on their farms for seven generations. Eating locally grown foods is a family tradition, and over the years, the family's collection of delicious fall recipes has grown. From a classic apple butter that has been handed down for generations to a more modern preparation of pork with apple cider reduction, this cookbook has something for everyone. These tried and true family recipes are designed to allow the flavors of the season to shine through. Tips and techniques from the growing ?elds will ensure successful preparation of fresh ingredients while maximizing flavor. From fall squash to sweet potatoes to apples, these recipes provide inspiration for many memorable meals utilizing the delicious fall harvest.