Title: The Ultimate Missouri Trivia Quiz: More Than 800 Questions and Answers About the State of Missouri

Author: Zach Sims and John Brown

Size: 5 x 8

Bindings: softcover

Pages: 186

ISBN: 9781933370828

Cost: $14.95

Do you know: What famous Missourian shot future U.S. President Andrew Jackson during an 1812 brawl? How many students were in the University of Missouri's first graduating class in 1843? What central Missouri town is mentioned on the second page of Jack Kerouac's 1957 novel? Find the answers to these questions and hundreds more about the state of Missouri inside The Ultimate Missouri Trivia Quiz. With trivia-style questions and answers, matching, multiple choice and either/or questions about everything from history to politics to sports, this book is sure to entertain and educate anyone interested in learning more about the region.