Title: The St. Louis Hawks: A Gallery of Images and Memorabilia

Author: Greg Marecek

Size: 8.5 x 11

Bindings: hardcover

Pages: 136

ISBN: 9781933370156

Cost: $39.95

The St. Louis Hawks picks up where the well-received Full Court: The Untold Stories of the St. Louis Hawks left off. Author Greg Marecek again mined the history of St. Louis's beloved Hawks and returned with a jewel-a coffee-table book that celebrates an important NBA team and its championship. Packed with images of uniforms, programs, rarely seen photos, and other memorabilia, The St. Louis Hawks is a passionate tribute to the Hall of Famers and colorful characters that battled the Boston Celtics annually. The book features stories about the Hawks-Celtics rivalry, not to mention bios of Hawks players and other NBA greats that graced the hardwood at Kiel Auditorium. The encyclopedic collection includes an all-time roster, a chronology of coaches, the 10 greatest moments in St. Louis Hawks history, the all-time Hawks team, a tribute to the legendary Bob Pettit, and much more. This must-have volume for fans of the Hawks and the NBA includes an audio component-a CD with rare interviews of players and coaches, along with the play-by-play mastery of Buddy Blattner.